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She'll definitely be waiting a while... D:

This is my official entry to @LiFayTheGoblin, @Avalti and @Dreamo's colouring contest (CC). I have to say this turned out pretty well, but I can't draw train tracks. :P
All art (except the original lineart by @Dreamo) made by me in Inkscape, the amazing free vector editing program (http://inkscape.org). I would post this in vector, but it uses a bunch of cool effecty things that Scratch doesn't support. So just don't fullscreen :P

Thanks to @Dreamo for the original lineart (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/71748550/ ). This wouldn't be half as good without it :P

I really hope I win first place :P They're giving out some pretty cool prizes, you should enter (but the deadline's in 3 days as of this writing, so be quick :P)
On the other hand, don't enter, I don't need any more competitors :P jk jk

Anyway, hope you liked it!
~ __init__

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