Animation Maker

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Mouse - drag the points around the screen.
Space - capture a frame of animation.
⇅ Arrows - change the speed for the frame
Menu Arrow - access the passive items you can place on the stage.
WASD - move the entire blue figure.
UHJK - move the entire red figure.
Play Button - play your animation! (2+ frames required)
Text - 1st row shows number of frames, 2nd the speed for that frame

A cool little feature of this is that you can give each frame its own speed, so that you can have rapid movement mixed with slow without having to make more frames.

Notes and Credits

Hello! Due to renewed interest in this project of mine, I'm considering revamping this project. Look forward to a new version with new and improved features!

This is a neat little animation maker I created when I saw another animation project (Extreme Animation by @drawdea)

320,000 views! Incredible!

FEATURED on 10/1/15!
Thank you SO much! I never thought this day would come!
Thanks to @donosiciel, @Grash, @tessieawesome, and @Experience for suggesting to be featured!

This is just in its early stages. What's next for this project...
- More items you can animate (weapons, objects, more characters?)
- A save feature to share your animations with others
- ...What do you think could be added?

Enjoy! I think that there are a LOT of thing you can make with this project. Hand-to-hand combat, parkour, dances...

By the way, I've already identified the bug where, once in a while, all the points will go to the center of the stage. It has something to do with the list items but I don't know how to fix it... :/ Oh well.

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