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Welcome to the most realistic chicken coop simulator on scratch, currently featuring 10 different breeds of chickens!

Featured! Yay! :D


I've added a button that allows you to hide/show chickens to make it easier to collect eggs when you have a lot of chickens. ;) It also looks a little weird when the chickens are invisible and eggs appear in the nest... O.o


Build your own flock of chickens starting with one! Collect eggs to earn coins and buy more chickens! Purchase a rooster to hatch chicks! Earn achievements and upgrade your coop with more nests and room for more birds! Collect the rarest breeds and varieties!


If you experience a glitch, please comment and I will attempt to fix it. In the meantime, try going to the shop, waiting five seconds, and then exiting. In theory, that should temporarily fix any glitches.

Known Glitches:

-Double Cloning: Lots of chickens appear after leaving the shop.
I switched the cloning of chickens to a different sprite, instead of the chicken sprite...hopefully that fixes this.
-The Return of the Black Pancake: A strange black blob appears instead of chicks. I've made a few changes, so it might be fixed now.
-The Return of the White Pancake: Cochin eggs turn into white pancakes. I think I've fixed it! ;)


Sounds from the scratch library.
Art, etc. @b00k_w0rm

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