Virtual Chicken Coop

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Welcome to the most realistic chicken coop simulator on scratch, currently featuring 10 different breeds of chickens!

Featured! Yay! :D


Build your own flock of chickens starting with one! Collect eggs to earn coins and buy more chickens! Purchase a rooster to hatch chicks! Earn achievements and upgrade your coop with more nests and room for more birds! Collect the rarest breeds and varieties!


If you experience a glitch, please comment and I will attempt to fix it. In the meantime, try going to the shop, waiting five seconds, and then exiting. In theory, that should temporarily fix any glitches.

Known Glitches:

-Double Cloning: Lots of chickens appear after leaving the shop.
I switched the cloning of chickens to a different sprite, instead of the chicken sprite...hopefully that fixes this.
-The Return of the Black Pancake: A strange black blob appears instead of chicks. I've made a few changes, so it might be fixed now.
-The Return of the White Pancake: Cochin eggs turn into white pancakes. I think I've fixed it! ;)


Sounds from the scratch library.
Art, etc. @b00k_w0rm

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