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Ellie OS is Scratch's most feature filled OS. It was named after my best friend, Ellie, and was worked on by a small team, I coded everything and thought up of 99% of the things in it, Aaron gave me a few ideas here and there, and Ellie fixed the spelling of everything.
Ellie OS's Main screen is like no other, settings right on the Main Screen for easy access, a button for list and icon view, all of your apps on the one screen and you can see your background fully by simply putting your mouse pointer to the bottom of your screen.
Ellie OS's Official release was on the 24th of July 2015

Notes and Credits

This OS is the first Scratch OS to have the ability to set your painting as your background.

Ellie OS has an amazing word processor, not only does it have vector fonts but it also has the ability of changing the page colour, and having symbols. PicPaint is also amazing with the multi page shapes feature which we were the first to create on Adamation OS, you can set it as your background, and it has 22 colours.

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