See inside

Press space after the logo to start
Left and Right arrow keys to move
E and R to toggle the glow
Q to change background
2-9 to change speed (normal is 6)
Press the left mouse button to leave a permanent trail
Press W to clear pen marks

Notes and Credits

Just in time for the perseid meteor shower!
Sounds from
Background is from
Music found from *
*Don't know exact link, sorry!
V 1.0.0 (12.08.2015) Game released
V 1.0.1 (12.08.2015) Minor tweaks
V (13.08.2015) Added a faint glow, fixed space bar bug thanks to jamy_hensley
V 2.0.0 (16.08.2015) New main background + change backgrounds on letter Q [only 2 at the moment], main speed is now moved from 4 to 6 + you can change to any speed from 2 to 9 by clicking on the numbers [2-9] and some tweaks.
V 2.0.1 (17.08.2015) added an option for a permanent trail and some tweaks.

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