Zoo Tycoon - Mini

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Don't play full screen - this causes vector images to warp and glitch and all that fun stuff. (But, you know... If you do it anyway and it works that's perfectly fine! :)
Dragon suggested by @Finchflame

This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, ever since I got addicted to "Zoo Tycoon 2" when I was about seven or eight. (I'm three hundred and twenty-seven now)
Anyway... Click the green flag twice. Actually, just knock yourself out clicking away at that thing.
Press play to start! (obviously...)
So, the bulldozer deletes stuff. Click that, then click on whatever you want to delete. If you accidentally clicked on it, don't worry! Just click the background and nothing will be deleted.
The store is right underneath that. To close the store, just either press that button again, or click the store background.
If you decide that you don't want an animal that you just bought, press space. Move the cursor around to where you want to put the animal, then click to place it. If you ever want to move it a gain, click and hold until it darkens, then move it to where you want! Buying an animal will make your zoo more popular, unless you've already bought that animal.
To change the admission fee, click on the zoo entrance.
The more animals you have, the longer guests will stay. The longer a guest stays, the more they will donate or litter. To see what a guest thinks about your zoo, click on them! :) If a guest litters, click on the garbage to clean it up. (you get money for that, cool!) Sometimes guests will say random stuff that is completely irrelevant to the game.
Majority of the sounds from freesounds.org
To mute the music drag the slider on the top all the way to the left.
Press the "z" key to enter a command.
if you see (C) behind a command, that means that it's cheating.
•money - set the amount of money that you have(C)
•popularity - set the popularity (higher popularity will make guests stay longer)(C)
•killall - removes all guests to reduce lag
•sweep - removes all litter(C) to reduce lag
•thinking - toggles speech bubbles
•view - shows/hides all buttons *WARNING* this may cause lag
•litter - toggles littering
Umm.. Yeah that's about it. Most of the sounds are from freesounds.org, the rest is by me.
Song is "shots" by Imagine Dragons - music box tribute

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! IT GOT FEATURED!! :D Thank you to whoever suggested it!

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