Mass annihilation! v1.2

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Kill all the characters with powerful attacks.

Choose a difficulty first. The harder it is the more attacks you can launch.

Each character has it's own resistances and sometimes special properties.

Notes and Credits

Sorry I did not make a project in so long. Hope you enjoy! :D]
More content will be made when I feel like it :)


Dark, faded characters do not exist on the difficulty setting you are on.

Sometimes attacks may have special effects, such as berzerk.

On hard and above, Characters can also protect from certain attacks. If that happens no one will get affected by it.

Space mode has more attacks, but also has the hardest difficulties and characters!

On hardcore and above(found in space mode), there are more sets of characters that cycle every so often(depends on difficulty) . Sets that are not on the screen won't do anything.

**Remaining sections are credits/Extra info

Music is from chicken invaders 5 & 4

Extra info

Special effects and properties list(normal mode):

Resist: attack did nothing.

Protect: Prevents the attack from hurting anyone(sometimes at his expense)

Berzerk: Random smashing. Very deadly.

Dazed: For 1 turn all resistances are disabled. Prevents running away.

Run away: Character appears outside of the screen. Makes some attacks useless. Avoids attack the caused him to run away.

Bubble dome: Protects himself and the characters next to him from the attack.

Revive: after a certain number of turns, the character reappears.

Loss of wealth(top hat guy) loses his top hat and makes him vulnerable.

Radioactive: Hot attacks will cause character to explode. Immune to nukes. Harmful to those near him. Lasts 3 turns.

Teleport: Method of avoiding attacks
List of special effects and properties(space mode):

Resist: The attack did nothing.

Space wind: After a certain number of turns
(determined by difficulty), Blows away all characters(except with sturdy) and brings in new ones.

Protect: prevents harm to anyone on the screen, sometimes at his expense.

Revive: Character will revive after a certain number of turns.

Lightning Rod: Draws in lightning, preventing it from harming characters. But will also kill the character and cause a discharge, killing him and those around him.

Sturdy: Does not get blown away by space wind.

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