The Sound of Forgiveness SPOOF#16

See inside

Click the green flag and enjoy :) (u might have to click it twice to get it to move at the right time)

I think the end song should be my official background song... what do you think?

Yes guys, I know Lightningstar did this first. It is not illegal to do one too XD I actually had never seen her project until someone had told me. Please stop asking X3

MY FIRST PROJECT MADE ENTIRELY WITH 2.0 X'D I've been using 1.4 for so long because the 2.0 version always glitched for me- but it has been working lately so I gave it a go! :)

SHADOWTAIL, CECILIO, SYLUS, AND FRED BELONG TO ME- Silvercloud technically belongs to Shidonekokawii cause she created her but i am like her adopter XD Brambleclaw belongs to Erin Hunter but Alternate BC belongs to me.
Why am I not using the other names I gave them? To make them mine? Good question. Just know this: If they are in a spoof/ in cat form, they are known as St, Bc, Cc, S, F, and Sc. If in human form, the three with changed names are Rebel, Nyx, and Cirrus.

Notes and Credits

Ok, who gave Sylus the pain killers? *stares suspiciously at Bc as he drowns*
And yes, that is a bazooka.
And a human cat hand paw thingy
and no scar..... *evil chuckle from a distance*

Spoof Audio from: Llamas with Hats 2
Sound effects:
Angel Chorus
End song: Good Ol days (karaoke)

Find me here!

Qotp: Sylus is about to blow your pirate ship up with a bazooka. WHAT DO U DO??? (give a good detailed description in the comments! Best one wins a virtual cookie and a good workout running away from flying virtual books! (+2))

Cotp: Summer is coming to an end- draw your main Oc's reaction to the summer ending!! ;v; (+5)
remember, first one to 100 points gets one character to be in a spoof! :D Find other challenges and questions in my project notes on other spoofs and animations! ^^

Letter from SS43-

Hey guys, enough silly business for a moment XP I just wanted to come and say really quick that I am doing a special project soon and I would love to have some questions asked from ya'll. Or if ya have a concern bout what I do, then plz let me know ^^ I'll try to answer stuff in an upcoming project :)
thanks guys! I really appreciate ur patience with my projects and for supporting me! ;v; almost at 6,000 follows as well!!! Thank u so much!!

Thanks again and have a lovely day! And remember...

look out for dem flying virtual books, giant flying sheep, cement trucks from space, and Sylus on painkillers firing a bazooka!

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