Pixel Snake

See inside

Press ANY key to start!
Arrow keys- Move

If the snake dies randomly might be because you turned back on yourself. Or might be you turned right after eating (when the snake body is larger) and ate yourself again.
Hi-score by:
FEATURED: 28 September 2015

Notes and Credits

120 000 Views???? That's insane!
Big thanks to @Jamy_hensley for some scripts. Check him out!
Also the music is from VVVVVV
Pixel art by: Justin Chan And Tommy 64 (?).
V 1.0 - Game released
V 1.1 - Removed rainbow circle, new design of the food, 2x harder to reach the maximum size now.
V 1.2 - added cloud variables to the top score...
V 2.0 - Fixed bugs including: 2nd attempt not moving, music not playing, passing through the borders etc...
V 2.1 - no more stopping the snake with double keys :P
V 2.2 - there should be less 'random' dying now.
V 2.3 - snake won't start instantly now
V 2.4 - You can't turn back on yourself now

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