»»CLOSED//Am I Wrong MAP««

See inside

Hello and Welcome to Minty's First MAP!
A MAP is a Multi Animator Project, and as it suggests, it is meant for multiple people :)

Try to keep your theme about friendship or something ;D
Doesn't have to be

1/ PLEASE tell me what part first
2/up load onto scratch if possible
3/use two sprites and the one background (IMPORTANT) if possible
4/include your logo/signature in the bottom right hand corner please
5/See inside->backdrops->scripts->data->click the check box next to "Part:"
6/use any OCs (of your's) that you like, or any characters from a show or something, but if you are using characters THAT ARE NOT YOUR'S, please give credit and ask the creator (if he/she is on scratch or something) if they are okay with the usage :)
7/HAVE FUN! You are not being forced to do this :)
9/ call your remix something like: »»PART 1//Am I Wrong MAP««
Thanks so much! ^^

Notes and Credits

I can't help but notice I got like five views after BBM entered
wOw 127 views XDDD
Need help lipsyncing? Look at this amazing project that was not made by me! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/61394174/
Song//Am I Wrong by Nico&Vinz
That cat is just random,, so I'm sorry if it looks like an OC of someone's!
Part 1//@ open
Part2// @LOLLING-CAT //complete: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/72546716/
Part3/ @catlover7025❤️ //complete❤️
Part4/ @doglover4000 //complete
Part5/ @xialey
Part6/ @BlueBearMan //complete
Part7/ @Icefire11 //pending
Part8/ @CookieKat //complete
Part9/ @awesomevelociraptor //complete
Part10/ @HannatheHedgie //complete
Part11/ @Starpool64 //pending
Part12/ @Daisyspeckle //complete
Part13/ @Nukidawg //complete
Part14/ @acetheglaceon //pending
Part15/ @LittLEMiSSBuTTerFLY //pending

1// @BurnstarTC (?)
2// @pokemon4life55
3// @tundrastorm

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