The Ellipserator

by scmb1
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This is next in the series started by "The Parabolator." This one draws ellipses (also known as ovals) and circles. It is an interactive math-art project that can also help you on your own projects.

General Instructions: Change the moves on x and y by using the "x shift" and "y shift" buttons. Change the height and width by move the arrow buttons. Press "Graph" to graph and "Clear" to clear.

Math Instructions: I suppose this could be used to check your homework or just find out mathy things. Follow the "General Instructions" and look at the equation it gives.

Scratch Instructions: There are many instances where ovals are used in projects. For example, in a racing game, there might be an oval track and in a space game, objects might orbit in an oval shape. This equation can be used to make objects move in ovals and circles. Download and look at background 2 to learn how. If this helps you on a project, please tell me so I can see it.

Art Instructions: Even if you do not know (or like) this kind of math, this project can be used to make art. Follow the "General Instructions." Change the color by clicking on the pallet. The multi-color part on the left side of the pallet makes the pen color change continually, creating a rainbow effect. Experiment! Tell me what you make.

Thanks for viewing my project. Please comment.

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