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Explosion The Racer is now gone.. and transformed into XELOKART!
Behold, Xelokart, the most action packed, best looking, most well made racing game you will have ever experienced on Scratch! Instructions, controls, and other credits are in game. Leave feedback if anything is wrong. In order to get more tracks, you have to beat the cups in Grand Prix. Reading the instructions will help.
SCROLLING TRACKS: With newer, bigger tracks, you'll experience more adventure!
12 NEW DAZZLING TRACKS: Along these 12 new tracks come 4 remastered classics from Explosion The Racer!
NEW ABILITIES: Driving will never be the same without new abilities; drifting, boosting, and jumping!
18 NEW CHARACTERS: Scratch Themed and different to suit your driving tastes.
GRAND PRIX: Your driving skills will be put to the test in this new mode!
NEW SOUNDTRACK: No more bit tunes, It's time to get real with CD Quality Audio!

Notes and Credits

November 12, 2015: FEATURED? AGAIN? Thank you scratchers so much!
"97/100" - @Sigton "Extremely impressive." - @Attendance "This is the most absorbing kart game on Scratch! :D" - @TheMaxyMonkey
1.8 SHOULD be the last version; I understand there are still bug fixes, but one can simply remix, right?
v1.8: Some bug fixes to improve the game play experience. Fixed the character costume bug. Put back in WASD support from 1.3.
v1.7: This Christmas, play with 2 NEW characters:
>The_Guy_ was originally the second runner up for Xelokart. Here he is in all of his Monochromatic glory!
>Little is known about a secret force that claims to be the best. Only after beating the 4 cups will you reveal him.
Also in this update contains some minor bug fixes, some new promotional art I'm trying in the first 6 courses. There is one cameo in this update, think you can find it?
v1.6: Version 1.6 is here, and it the BEST Update to date!
Some features include:
> Greenyman without codes. Happy driving! :D
> New in-game SFX to enhance the gameplay experience :O
> LOADS of bug fixes :)
v1.5: Slushy Island has arrows showing course path, Fixed some Weather, as well.
v1.4: Credits have been updated, one or two bug fixes. Got rid of some boosts in Drift City and Grandeur Circus. Drift is now turned off if Weather is on to prevent clone conflicts.
v1.3: Boost is slower to hopefully prevent bugs. Also fixed the Second Death Bug. I have another cameo, this time of @WeeForon . Can you find him?
v1.2: Lag Reduction, bug fixes, UI and art changes, and OST changes. I have a Easter Egg hidden in the codes. Can you find it?
v1.1: MASSIVE lag fix in the Weather Sprite, now the game should run smoothly.

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Major Credits: @Greenyman, thanks for allowing me to use your scrolling engine base, it enhanced my game even further, and to @RichardStarbright, @Hobson-TV, @talkingtoilet8 , and @TheMaxyMonkey for having kart designs ready for use throughout the game. Without your support, Xelokart probably wouldn't exist.

EXPLOSION THE RACER (v2.8): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/22304729/

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