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LINE is a one sprite one script platformer (save the script trees) that is possibly the hardest and most advanced platformer on scratch. I assure you that you will NOT beat this game first try, mainly because it has the steepest learning curve in the universe. I used a LOT of free time to design the levels for this game because of the interlaced art style I chose to go by, about 48 images worth of levels.

Navigate through 5 interlaced levels with your little Nostalgic Interlaced Guy, who is able to jump very high, run very fast and change his direction in mid air. No enemies, no moving plaforms. Just classic platform scaling. :)

Controls: Arrow Keys to move, Up arrow to jump. You can move in mid air, but slower than you would on the ground. There is no air resistance. Walls are bouncy, so watch out when hitting off of them. ;) If you're getting killed a lot, press the L key to input a level number and you will go to that level. It's not bad to cheat every once in a while. :P

Please comment your opinions and ideas! Also, if you like this game give it a love it. :)

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Special Thanks to The Whiz for the basic scrolling script I built on and the Idea to make a One-Sprite One-Script Game.

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