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The Colour Divide RPG:


Length: 6 minutes
Time taken to make: 3 months


This is the first chapter in my animated series!
This chapter is mainly from Leya's perspective, but I'm planning on making future chapters from the other main characters' perspectives as well. :)

The storyline is based on @-ninjagirl-'s RP (role-playing studio), The Colour Divide ( ), specifically the storyline created by five of us: me, @-ninjagirl-, @DestinyDragon12, @ErkowitKids and @Codeman12323.

The main characters in this episode are the characters we rped with in our role-play. :) Most of the background characters in this episode were created for the RPG by other scratchers. :)

I honestly have NEVER worked this hard on any other Scratch project before. Actually I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything else in my life. XD

I spent my every spare moment of time either animating or planning. It was really intense, being so hyper-focussed, but I LOVED it. :D

This episode would've actually been longer if I hadn't hit the data limit. X3

Ahhh, please excuse those horrible walk cycles! I can't animate a walk cycle to save my life... if you have any suggestions on how I can improve, please let me know! :3

Some people have observed that this is very similar to Divergent (an awesome trilogy of books by Veronica Roth, and now also a movie), and I can see the similarities. In fact, Divergent is not the only story that Colour Divide bears resemblance to! This is because many stories make use of tropes that Colour Divide does too. I'm doing my best to put my own flavour and style into these tropes to create an enjoyable story for you all!


To all the Colour Divide supporters and fans - your encouragement and enthusiasm means the world to me. Thank you! <3

To my four fellow rpers ( @ErkowitKids, @-ninjagirl-, @DestinyDragon12, @Codeman12323) - you are incredible and imaginative people, I've had so much fun creating this story with you!

To my two voice actors ( @Taylersmallpaws and my irl friend) - Thank you for being so fabulously awesome and sharing your great acting skills with this series! :D


Art, Animation & Programming:


Set in the world of the RPG by @-ninjagirl-

Voice Cast:
Leya - @bubble103
Fayge - @bubble103
Zora - @Taylersmallpaws
Josh - (an irl friend)
Carer - @bubble103
Tester - @bubble103

Character Creation:
Leya - @bubble103
Fayge - @-ninjagirl-
Zora - @DestinyDragon12
Josh - @Codeman12323
Carer - @bubble103
Tester - @-ninjagirl-, @DestinyDragon12, @bubble103

Background Character Creation:
Lovina - @pubka
Kari - @violin16
Tara - @inFrost
Lucid - @jshen1
Ameree - @X-Scratch_Queen-X
Topy - @Canyon202
Bartox - @satulation
Nyx - @ThaliaStudios

'Embarkment' by @AgentRoop
'Foundation' (the first few notes) by @AgentRoop
'Hope Never Dies' by @bubblebee3
'Duel' by @bubblebee3
'The Prophecy' by @ErkowitKids

(Lol this Notes & Credits is so long... I guess you have something to read to occupy your mind while you wait for those 598 assets to load... o.O )

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