Trapped (Platform)

by ncats
See inside
Notes and Credits

Checkout the sequel

Full Screen May Be Glitchy!
WASD OR Arrow Keys.
R to reset your position
M to Mute/Unmute
Space Reloads the level
Holding Up will allow you to stick to ceilings

Goal: Get to the flag don't touch the lava.

Background: You are trapped under ground trying to get out of the metal cave. You have a helmet that allows you to stick to the bottom of the metal blocks. (No wall jumping. Don't want to be boring)

*My second Platform game.
*21 Levels
*Let the level load before doing anything.
*Please comment any glitches in the comments.

Improved Render Time - @DarkFusion
All else - @ncats

- City Sunshine (Kevin MacLeod)
- Behind Enemy Lines (Rafael Krux)

===================Update Log=====================
Better Music 9-24-18
Improved Graphics 9-24-18
More levels added 8-22-15
Level and Deaths added 8-21-15
Glitches Fixed 8-21-15
Release 8-8-15

____________________Reuse Policy__________________________

You may take any script or sprite as long as you give credit.

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