Happy Birthday @KayLeigh_Tiger

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My best/first ever friend's birthday was a couple days ago and today is her party. I procrasinated and waited until last night/this morning to finish her gift, which is a portrait of her great dane Jasper.
Gosh darn those spots.
I know she isn't on scratch alot anymore, but I still feel the need to tell all my online friends how incredible she is (if you dont already know her for her striking art), I feel like I've never had anyone care about me as personally as she does. And it scary thinking we are all technically adults now, but I'm glad I'm going through it with the people I have known my entire life. KayLeigh, you are such a vital part to me. You're the reason I pursued art at all, and you go to such lengths to protect me. I know I'm probably not that person for you, and lately being social seems like a chore for me, but I will never for a second stop thinking of you as my friend. We are so alike and different at the same time, and nether of those facts has ever weakened our friendship.
My hand and your hand, Found in friendship, bound in hardship.

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Better Quailty: http://saimistu.deviantart.com/art/Happy-Birthday-KeiriiTora-548361908?ga_submit_new=10%253A1437664280

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