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Ah, finally. The truth is out.

Here are some more answers:

What is Project Crown all about?
Answer: Project Crown is KINGcreations; it is an attempt to mask my identity using a drastically different design style and behavior through many different tactics.

What will be done with this account?
Answer: It will be left, empty. [removed]

What about FOFP?
Answer: Fog Over Frostbite Peak was, frankly, too ambitious to complete. I was planning on using some animations made in After Effects to create a huge game, but Scratch is too limited to handle multiple animations of that sort.

About Haudio's contest, if I am to win or come close to winning, please either remove me from the rankings or credit @skyset for the creations.

I will no longer be active on Scratch.

Notes and Credits

Thank you all! Ily to my baes @Haudio, @Flow-, @computercam, @Tcodina and everyone who followed this account

Thank you for the support!

Oh yeah also the "E" account is either @Eoala or @Exulted in case you're wondering. This is just an animation. Feel free to ask questions that I will answer in the comments :D

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