Hostile Space

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You are a starship pilot for the Earthling Empire. Following a decisive victory over the Evil Zontarian Conglomerate, your ship was separated from the fleet, and stranded in hostile space deep behind enemy lines. Your sensors are lighting up, alarms are blaring, enemy ships are coming at you from all directions. You are no pessimist, but you know that your death is inevitable. However, even as that morbid realization dawns on you, you make a vow. You are going to take as many of those dirty insects with you as you can, they will pay dearly for your blood!

Press W to move forward, A to turn to the left, and D to turn to the right. To use your laser, aim with your mouse, and press space to fire. Use Q and E to toggle your health, score, and the high score.

Each Zontarian ship you kill increases your score by one point. As you increase your score, your ship will upgrade. Note, all upgrades are purely cosmetic.

Notes and Credits

Music: Separate Ways by Journey

Most of the art and all of the sound effects are from
The only sprites that I made myself are the two star sprites.

If you would like to use this style of scrolling in a game of your own, check out my following projects. The first link gives you the scrolling engine, and the second link gives you the rotate toward point engine that was used in the AI's. Both engines are only one script, and easy to use.

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