JSON -> scratchblocks converter

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This project will convert any Scratch project JSON file and convert its scripts into Scratchblocks format!

It already has a sample JSON loaded. See if you can figure out which of my projects it is. ;)

I haven't found any glitches with the JSON parser, except that it will accept any input and parse it regardless of errors. (this can cause errors)
Glitches with the converter:
-procdef is missing first parameter
-call doesn't have any parameters :P
-numeric dropdowns parse as text dropdowns
-requesting a non existent script returns one anyways
-dropdowns with built-in options (i.e. go to [mouse pointer v]) have different text
-empty booleans contain nonexistent 'false' block
-color inputs need to be converted to hex
-some scripts don't work - tell me if you find one!

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