♫Carousel MAP♫ COMPLETE!

by MistCat
See inside

Flag, and if you like it, go follow the amazing animators who made this made this MAP possible in the notes and credits.
if you don't see all of a certain part, is not 'cuz i deleted the part, its 'cuz the part had to much lag, so the part after played before the part could finish, so the whole MAP wouldn't lag
(imma genius X3)
PLEASE NOTE: (again)
If you click the flag again while the MAP is playing it will glitch and play two different parts at the same time

i edited some of the colors on some of the parts, i hope no-one minds. thank you.
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR GETTING THIS TOP-LOVED! everyone who joined did such a good job on their parts!

Notes and Credits

Thank you everyone for joining this MAP! all the parts look amazing!
(im not going to respond to posts saying this is awesome cuz i can't take credit for most of it X3)
i ask you to respect all the hard work this wonderful animators put into theirs parts. so, please, refrain from remixing
Song is Carousel by Melanie Martinez

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