Keep Holding On Part 23

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Notes and Credits

Only for the use of @SilverArrowtheWolf , for this MAP

Introducing two characters (sisters) Misti (mostly white one) and Azure (blue), who I co-own with @Cinderstripe !

Thank you so much for 2 years and over 2,000 followers! :'O I can't say how glad i am to have all of you and I've found out that I love drawing and animating so much thanks to all you guys.

Idk, quick watermark, hope you like this!

Basically just Azure saving Misti from falling off a cliff, they run off adventuring xD aaahh i love animating wavy scarves like the first sequence ;;v;; Thank you SkyStar for teaching me how in that tutorial with the 'S' and 'C' curve advice x3 Btw the little hashmarks on Azure's cheeks are just bits where she scratched herself, not part of her actual design. The band-aid thing on her nose is part of her design though~

I'm pretty proud of how that side lipsync went. Thanks Leo for motivating me to try that sort xD though size still broke as usual //shot

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