Bloons TD Battles v4.6

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It's Bloons Tower Defense Battles Scratch'd! A lot of work has been put into this game so don't forget to leave a love. ;)
═════════════ ★ How to Play ★ ═════════════
- Defend your territory from the bloons by purchasing towers with your cash.
- Bloons give you cash when you pop them. But they also damage your health when they get through.
- Survive longer than your opponent to win!
↓ ↓ ↓ CONTROLS BELOW ↓ ↓ ↓

═══ ★ Single Player/Online Multiplayer Controls ★ ═══
- Use the mouse-pointer as a target for your towers.
- To upgrade or sell a tower, click the tower you want. Then an option bar will show up. Click on "Upgrade" or "Sell".
- Everything else is pretty much self explanatory.

═══════ ★ Offline Multiplayer Controls ★ ═══════
- Player 1 gets the advantage over Player 2 because of the controls.
- Player 1 uses the mouse-pointer as a target for their towers.
- Player 2 uses the keyboard: Arrow keys to move P2 target, to place a tower click space, upgrade a tower by moving the center of P2 target so that it touches the tower you wish to upgrade and then press "u". To sell a tower, do the same except press "s" instead of "u". The rest of the controls for P2 are self explanatory.
- If you wanna quit the game both players must agree so P1 click the home button and P2 click the "q" key.

Notes and Credits

After a lot of work... I finished my second cloud multiplayer game! This game includes single player, offline multiplayer, and online multiplayer (with usernames ID's and chat). If lagging too much, play it here (although you can't play online on this site):
Thanks for curating this @lepsstudent!

══════════════ ★ Credits ★ ══════════════
- Based off of "Bloons TD Battles" by NinjaKiwi
- Most of the artwork and sounds are from NinjaKiwi
- @TheLogFather for pointing out and showing me how to fix the glitch in the cloud.
- Programming 100% me

════════════ ★ Update Log ★ ════════════
- Initial Release
- Fixed glitches related to online multiplayer.
- Deleted the game invitations because it glitched too much.
- Added more rounds.
- Added road spikes.
- Added 'Towers' option in the main menu.
- Added 'High Scores' option in the main menu.
- Fixed glitch with road spikes.
- Added the ability to upgrade and sell towers for P1.
- Fixed several glitches.
- Added the ability to upgrade and sell towers for P2.
- Bug fixes
- More Rounds! (60 total rounds now)
- Gameplay Quit Button added!
- Game Length Selection added!
- Bug Fixes
- Single Player Mode added!
- Difficulty Select for single player mode added!
- A couple bugs fixed
- Play Round Button for SP Mode added.
- Fixed glitch that would only let you place a total of 4 dart monkeys.
- Fixed more glitches
- Added "Impoppable" Difficulty
- Finally fixed online multiplayer!!!!

════════════ ★ Future Updates ★ ════════════
- Ability to sell and upgrade towers when online.
- More Towers
- Achievements
- Better AI for CPU Opponent
- Lead and White Bloons
- Animation for Towers when they shoot.
- Track Selection
- Fast Forward Button
- Ability to move the start button wherever you want.

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