Friend + Fan AMV- The Great Escape

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This AMV was also made for 500+ followers, 200+ projects, and kind of a makeup for the people who signed up for my art collab signup since I silently canceled it and not many people signed up. So here are the list of friends and fans who are in this. Sorry if I got some colors messed up, or if they aren't your main O.C. You guys kinda have alot so its hard to find out which one is your main one.
@CeeDaisypaw6 (Me)
I hope you all enjoy this, and kinda accept the fact that I used your characters without permission...At least I gave credit, right? Right?

Notes and Credits

Animated on Flipnote Studio 3d

Do NOT remix if you're going to fix the timing. Use turbo mode or press the flag at least 3 times.

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