Backstory, Part 4

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Wave your green flags one last time.

This being the final backstory project, it's meant to tie all the loose ends left in the lore. After some time has passed for everyone to theorize, I'm going to release a project on my test account
( @scratchU8_Test ) explaining everything.
I also plan on releasing a bunch of my unfinished, unreleased projects there, so if you want more from me, check there soon.

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The final part of Backstory.
You all can probably guess what this is, and I won't beat around the bush here, it's my final project. The momentum I had for making projects has slowed so much, though, that at this point it probably wouldn't matter much if I left or stayed.
The reason I'm leaving is simply because I want to move on. Scratch is undoubtedly a huge part of my life, and I can guarantee my life wouldn't be the same right now without it, and I sincerely mean that. However, after some self-evaluation I realized I won't get very far making animations on a site for kids. Everyone else I know is moving on, and after 7 years, I think I've hit my time, too.
I've said this before, but now that I really look at it, I'm immensely happy about everyone who watches and enjoys my stuff. I said that Scratch has shaped my life, and honestly, I don't think it would have if it weren't for you all. If I was still some small account and Scratch was nothing more than a past time for me, I would have never met the people I know now, or have the confidence in my work that I've grown to have, even if it may still be small. I'm gonna be honest when I say I understand why people want to get popular, because from my experience, it truly is life changing.
"Thank you for being with me this whole time."

=Fun Fax=
- The format and ending of this project changed a lot until I finally settled on one I liked.
- This was in development far before "Expert Mode," but was worked on VERY on-and-off.
- All sprites were drawn beforehand in bitmap, and retraced in vector.

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