Alien Pinball

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Use left and right arrows to control flippers. Knock down all drop targets to increase bonus multiplier. Hit round targets and roll-overs to increase bonus score. Hit all D-O-C-K targets to activate the Space Dock. When activated, Space Dock scores 1000 points and 3000 bonus points. Bonus awarded at end of ball.

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Notes and Credits (added by BoltBait)

Alien Pinball Machine - By: BoltBait
Development so far is about 20 hours.

This is based on a graphic I found on the web and the Simple Pinball Base project by Paddle2See. Thanks for that!

Stuff I still need to do:
- Fix the flippers
- Fix lower rails

*Added D-O-C-K targets. Hit them all to activate the Space Dock.
*Digital scoring system

If you remix this game, please don't remove my name from the splash screen and project notes. Just add your name along side of mine. Thanks!

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