This is Why You Don't Stop Drawing

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These don't even look like they were drawn by the same person

There are a number of differences here, but honestly what stands out the most to me is how differently I see the color pattern on my own pet. Given, Momiji's colors have changed a little since he was 6 months old, but the only real difference is that he got a nubian buck stripe (A darker collar, almost v-shape around his neck) and that also makes his face stripes a little blacker, but I also am not the most observant person, even with my own animals. Years ago, I would look at my goat and drawn him almost entirely brown even though photos show you he has very distinct facial markings, but I am only now able to recall such details about him. (These were both drawn without a reference so they were entirely based on how I perceive me goat, not just photo interpretations)

No this was not meant to be a "Draw it Again!" These just happen to be similar poses so I wanted to compare/contrast the two

Critiques on what I improved and what I still need to work on would be greatly appreciated!

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