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dON'T BE OFFENDED THIS IS A JOKE AAA vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

(note: the information below no longer represents my views.)

Also, I'm perfectly fine with people recoloring my stuff. Some of the recolors of my projects that I've seen have been like super cool.

The song is 'Grace Kelly' by Mika, who you can support at any of the following websites:
-Facebook (Mikasounds)
-Twitter (Mikasounds)
-Instagram (Mikainstagram)
-Myspace (Mika)

Notes and Credits

Update: I'm sorry, but this project no longer represents my views on the matter. I understand that the licence that Scratch projects are under allows remixing in any way, including recoloring, and it is the artists' job to understand this before posting.

Original description: (no longer my opinion)

OoOoOOO Do I have your attention now? Sweet, read this v

Guys, I just want to clear up the fact that recoloring is not bad. What is bad is recoloring people's art and not giving credit, or recoloring somebody's art just to make them feel bad. If recoloring were bad, we wouldn't have bases or coloring books. I personally love coloring books. Especially the ones made by Dragonsandbeasties on DeviantArt. You can buy one from them for like 9 bucks can you believe that. Woops, I'm off-topic.

Besides, some of my "example recolors" actually look really cool. Especially the blue and green ones. I love the green one haha. We should call him Apple Pie. Just not that purple-orange one. I really hate the gradient tool. I hate it so much.

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