Platformer Tutorial v0.12

See inside
Notes and Credits

This is a tutorial project for writing 'touching' based platformers.

★★★ Complete scripts for each chapter are available if you ★★★
★★★ use "look inside", and find the chapter name! ★★★

It aims to teach:
★ Gravity
★ Using custom blocks with sensing to avoid jitter
★ Walking with slopes
★ Wall Detection
★ Jumping (+Controlled Jumping *new*)
★ Ceiling Detection
★ Hitboxes
★ Momentum
★ Level Backgrounds *new*
★ Wall Jumping *new*

For an in-depth look at Custom Blocks see this tutorial:

For a scrolling platformer example see:

Let me know if this is looking good, and I'm presenting it in a useful way. I'll add more to it as time goes by and if there's enough interest. Don't worry about giving credit if you use any of this, it's all plain old reusable stuff and I don't want you put off making use of it! Good luck to you all! and Scratch on! :)

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