Sound Wave Amplitude and Frequency

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This scratch contains three interactive explorations of sound waves and music. Play around with each of the simulations to learn more about sounds. Click the next arrow to cycle between slides.

The first slide shows some color coded waves of different wavelengths. Click the colored circle to listen to the sound that the corresponding colored wave makes. What effect does wavelength have on the sound made? Try playing different notes at the same time. Try playing the same note repeatedly (do not try if you are wearing headphones). How does it change the sound? What would the sound wave look like now?

The second slide shows how frequency and amplitude change a sound.
Click the microphone to listen to the sound that is made by the wave to the left of it. Does amplitude influence the volume or the pitch? Does wavelength influence volume or pitch?

The final slide is an interactive xylophone. Click on the keys to play the notes. The xylophone is a C major scale. Each key is labeled with the note's name. How does the length of the key affect the sound it makes? Can you play a song?

Notes and Credits

This was made for a lesson on sound waves.

I found the pictures for background 1 and 2 from

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