Scratch Text to Handwriting Converter

by theLman
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Scratch will ask you to type in the text to be written and give the colour. Pressing the spacebar whilst the program is running changes the background. Pressing the up arrow makes the text bolder; the down arrow makes it thinner. If it takes too long, you can always activate turbo mode (hold shift + click green flag)!

Notes and Credits

Dec 9th 2017 - just added a few more colours, including "rainbow". Thanks for the suggestion @terracrafting

Featured June 28th 2015 - Thank you so much! I read all your comments :-)

This was a fun project to experiment with the pen tool and extracting letters from string variables. It only supports letters, numbers and basic punctuation - anything else will be interpreted as a space. If you write too much it will stop at the end of the page and not work.

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