Five Nights At Scratch

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Just keep in mind that this game is incomplete and that the main Scratch "sprites" don't move around the building yet, which I am working on whenever I can. I am also working on an automatic save that uses Cloud Data so that you no longer need to enter a code.


If you are having a problem playing the game, you might have to click the green flag more than once. If this doesn't work, you should refresh the page. If the game is all or mostly white and/or certain sprites do not show up/certain sounds are not playing once you press the green flag, it is due to a Scratch bug that I am unable to do anything about. Also please report any glitches that you find while playing the game in the comments of this project, or on my profile.

For those waiting for the game to be finished, I apologize. The game is taking longer to finish than I initially expected, and complications such as maximum storage size aren't making things any easier. I also have more important things in life such as school work that I have to manage while working on the game. Just know that I haven't forgotten about the game and I am adding updates as often as I can. If you do still support the game after all this time, you are amazing, and I couldn't thank you enough for doing so. That's all I got to say for now so until next time, scratch on! (P.S. Sorry if loading the game crashes whatever device you're playing the game on.)

Notes and Credits

Thank you Scott Cawthon, for making Five Nights At Freddy's, and the original inspiration for the game. Also thanks to other fanmade games and their creators for the ideas & original sounds and music, and thank you guys for making this game as popular as it is.

If you enjoyed it, don't forget to favorite, and/or love this project, or leave a comment telling me what you think. Also feel free to remix the game as long as you give me credit as the original creator.

Help me out by supporting this game on Gamejolt with the link below, it's free, (with a Gamejolt account) and is available now for download!

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