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Yet another Logic Gate Kit to let you play with binary gates like those used in computer construction. The real innovation here is the use of flexible "wire" elements that simplify hooking up the gates.

I've modeled a binary adder circuit for you to play with. Click on the rectangular switches to turn them on or off. All elements are draggable so you can make other circuits. It's easiest to work with in presentation mode.

The signal color is red which is transmitted from the inputs (sensors) of each gate to the output according to the usual truth tables.

Each wire consists of two sprites that communicate using the new Scratch 1.2 features. The wires are NOT bi-directional, make sure the green (sensor) end is placed on the signal you want to transmit. Also be careful that sensors from different elements don't shadow each other; try not to stack them on top of each other.

If you want to change the direction an element is pointing, hold the mouse over it and use the arrow keys.

Let me know of any suggestions or errors and, as always, comments are welcome.

Thanks to SimpleScratch for his inspiration.

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