Two Player Games 2.4

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Two Player Games II Beta is out! Check it out here:
I need ideas for power-ups and new awesome games! Leave a comment there if you want to help out!

Want to play a really fun game? Play this game! There is only one problem. You need someone else to play with! Bring your brother, sister, friend, cousin, classmate, parent, grandmother, or even that random neighbor you have!

Welcome to JakeTheProgrammer's first game! I have worked very hard on this game. I had 2 other accounts beforehand (which I deleted). Please leave a love or favorite for moral support!

There are two different types of modes you can play with. There is classic, which is a good way to compete with your friends with. There is also a powers mode, where powers can appear randomly throughout the game. To view what each power does, click the (?) icon next to each game and there is a button on the bottom that says "Powers". Click that and then you could see each power and what they do.

Notes and Credits

If you want to stay up to date with the latest updates from this game, go to this thread.

Please leave me ideas for more powers, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

(1.0) 6/10/15 --- Initial Release
(1.1) 6/12/15 --- Added sounds and music
(1.2) 6/21/15 --- Fixed Pong Glitch
(1.3) 6/22/15 --- Added Cloud Variables so I know what games people prefer
(2.0) 6/26/15 --- New Minigame, Memory Smash
--- Squashed some bugs
(2.1) 6/27/15 --- Tournament Mode released
(2.2) 11/8/15 --- Fixed a lot of bugs
(2.3) 3/30/17 --- Pong ball starts moving faster, but speeds up slower (thanks for the idea in the comments!)
--- Tournament mode says the correct mode (classic or custom) now!
--- Made it impossible to have only one person in tournament mode (go make some friends first)
--- Tournament mode button does not disappear after clicking the help button
--- In Memory Smash, the game will not crash anymore due to clicking a card in a particular way
--- In Memory Smash, when a card is flipped, it will reflip itself in 6 seconds.
(2.4) 4/4/17 --- Fixed tournament mode glitch

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