Super Smash Bros Ball M BETA by Diamond Axe Studios

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My take on the Scratch classic Super Smash Bros Ball sees the entire cast of Super Smash Bros Melle fighting it out on fifteen unique stages! New features include special attacks, varying weights, stage hazards, character switching, and a faster physics engine!

Your goal is the knock the opponent (controlled by either a friend or a CPU) off the stage by knocking into them, bouncing them around. Lighter characters are faster and have better air mobility, while heavier characters are slower and have worse air mobility. In addition, each character has a special attack, which will assist in knocking characters off the stage, or recovering when you are knocked off.

At the beginning of the match, you will be prompted to select three characters from the roster of twenty-six to play with. At any point during the match, you can switch to the other characters on your team to take advantage of their weight (or lack thereof) and different special attacks.

Notes and Credits

This is a completely original project from the original SSBBall by Keroro645, with no code borrowed and hardly any graphics borrowed (a few of the character models, and the Flat Zone stage).

P- Special Attack
O-Change Characters

WASD- Move
R- Special Attack
T- Change Characters

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