Scratch Jr (remix)

remixed by JSO
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Notes and Credits (added by JSO)

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A remix of archmages project.

What I did:

• Blocks now snap together
• new buttons and look
• now shows the forever
• You can click the flag hat to start the scipt
• Arrows are now blocks

• You can now also drag blocks to the script
• You can now click a block to remove it
• You can drag the forever around the script
• New "New" icon
• Flag changes color when the scipt is running
• I added notes to all of my scripts just like Archmage did. The all end with -JSO to avoid confusion :)

A simple version of the scratch program that is fun to toy with!

Add blocks with the buttons and press the run code button to see scratch cat executing your commands!

There is tons of room for improvement. Remix this and make a much better version!

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