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This is my clone of the popular game (by Agario)
★ Move the mouse around to move your cell (or cells)
★ Eat dots (agar) or other players to grow and dominate the board.
★ Press SPACE to split your cell (move faster, but more dangerous)
★ Avoid being eaten by players LARGER than you are!
★ Prickly green virus cells can be hidden behind if you are small,
but they will split you up if you are bigger than them!
★ Play games with up to 20 players! Yay :)

Notes and Credits

All credit goes to Agario for their game that I tried to clone.

☹ Check if you have a fast enough cloud connection:

23 Jun 2015 - v1.1d - Increased world size and fixed improved stability of eating...? Also increased split count when eat virus.

19 Jun 2015 - v1.1c - Respawn now avoid spawning on top of larger players...

18 Jun 2015 - v1.1b - Added small zoom out when splitting, added snap to position for multiplayer opponents where forward prediction is outside of the acceptable error tolerance (should stop jumping around glitches a little). Made small objects push larger objects less.

17 Jun 2015 - v1.1 - Redrew virus to be crisper, added speed scaling to improve gameplay between slower and faster PCs...

16 Jun 2015 - v1.0 - Tweaked player speed, and added colours :)

14 Jun 2015 - v0.4 - Major overhaul, Added Cell Splitting (space) - Problem is this has made the code slower because instead of calculating collisions for 1 to 1, I now need to do it for 8 to 8 which is 64 times more calculations per frame than before... gulp! This might end up being a change that I pull out *sob* - And it was soooo hard to do to!

12 Jun 2015 - v0.3 - Added Viruses - Smaller cells can hide behind them, but if you are bigger beware, at present you will shrink down small (in future you will be split up into smaller pieces)

12 Jun 2015 - v0.2 - I can't tell you how much better this multiplayer experience is now that I've reworked the scripts! YAY!!!

11 Jun 2015 - v0.1d - Changed zoom to show more screen, tweaked speed and zoom.
10 Jun 2015 - v0.1c - Fixed position bug! oops!
10 Jun 2015 - v0.1b - Added grid, increased maximum ball size
9 Jun 2015 - v0.1 - Initial Release

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