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Anyway... Um, this is a really rushed and simple game since I'm visiting today! I know it is a bit different from the games I normally make because the graphics are simpler, but hope you enjoy it anyhow~

~Surprisingly, graphics are still okay in fullscreen. Maybe because practically all of the graphics are dots? xDDD
~Use the arrow keys to move your player around (the grey dot in the middle)
~Touch dots that are smaller than you to "eat them"
~If you touch dots that are bigger than you, or the edge, you lose
~Dot colors from smallest to biggest--- (Please don't judge if I don't get the exact shade right >_<)
*light blue
*blueish purple
*darker pastelish pink
*ugly orange color
*forest green
*greenish blue
*bluish green
***repeat from top***
☞ I am not coming back... I just had said I would do a request for a contest earlier and did not want to disappoint anyone! However, it was nice visiting everyone!!! <3
☞ Um.... I'm going to a iD coding camp to learn iOS and Android, so yay~~~!!!
☞ THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! (shoutout to @mishyfishy-_- for being my 1000th~)
☞ And, 2000+ messages... thanks?!

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