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Use the mouse to control Lune!
Get through the level by using echolocation! Your particles will bounce off of walls and create a pulse to show you where they are :D

If you are having trouble, read the description below for tips! <3
FEATURED 10/10/15!! WOW! Thank you everyone! :DDD

Notes and Credits

HEY EVERYONE! I made an awesome animation I hope you all will love! Check it out:::
Kind of a different type of game! :) It's mainly experimental.

If you are having trouble, spacebar will show the map for a brief moment. If a level is too hard, press "a" while in cage for a helper!

Make sure to show you liked it by favoriting, loving it, and commenting! ENJOY!

Dev log (2015) :
May 29 - Started making
June 1 - Main game engine created
June 3 - Levels finished
June 7 - Release :D
Oct 10 - Featured :o

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