Made this on Photoshop.

See inside

State of Grace - Taylor Swift is playing in the background.
Press the green flag to play the music :)
Press up to increase the volume by 10.
Press down to decrease the volume by 10.
Press space to stop the music.
WOOOOP TAYLOR SWIFT (I am a Swiftie as you may have guessed)

this is circa 2015. i still like taylor swift but my music taste has grown.

i'd reccommend
odd eye - shinee
exodus - exo
headspace - the wombats
turn to dust - wolf alice
sunny afternoon - red velvet

Notes and Credits

The next dressup I make will be properly shaded & everything, just thought I'd post this to show that I've improved on drawing & hopefully the next dressup will be good!

SPECIAL THANKS: xVanyx for telling me I got the arrow keys the wrong way (the volume works correctly now)!

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