Number Bonds to 10

by MrShah
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Number Bonds to 10.
Partial Development Notes.

Any number can be a mystery number.
i.e. one to be guessed by the player.

Orange Numbers
Orange numbers to be clicked to provide answer.
When green flagged clicked, go to X,Y, show.

Variable: Mystery Number:
User defined attribute by key press, related to blue numbers:
1: Left number to be guessed
2: Right number to be guessed
3: Answer to be guessed

Blue Numbers
These are hidden to provide the puzzle.
The hidden number is chosen by the player.
When next is clicked these hide.
They appear with delay (set by variables) to show the order from left-right.

Variable: New Question
This is active (1) when the NEXT question button has been pressed.
It is active until the question has been displayed.
Once the question is fully displayed this variable defaults back to 0.

Variable: Delay_Initial
When next is clicked, this variable sets the delay before the first numeral is displayed

Variable: Delay_Increment
Sets the delay between for the numerals after the 1st one is displayed.

Next Button
When clicked it broadcasts "display calculation".
Calculation is redisplayed from left-right.
This is set by the delay_initial and delay_increment variables.

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