Pokemon Blue V. 0.0

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Notes and Credits

A remake of Nintendo's Pokemon Blue.

Read on to see how to play.

Download this, because The outside scrolling sprites shrinks on the site. If you love it, don't forget to click the Loveit button! I'll admit it's not perfect, but I'm not done yet. If it's that popular I'll finish it, otherwise I will not.

V. 0.0 Notes: Alpha test. This is merely an introduction and scrolling test, no story line yet. You can't create your own name or Rival's name (because of the lack of arrays in Scratch), but you can choose from the 3 preset names that appear in Blue. I created this because I am a fan of the original pokemon games, but never saw a pokemon
game on scratch that supports multi-directional scrolling. If I get enough loveits, than I will finish the whole game. There are glitches; mainly the "unwalkable" which ends up screwing up the wall variable. This, again, is a scroll test, no Story line yet.
The full will have everything that you expect from Pokemon Blue, "Scratched"!

Additional notes: Arrow keys to move.
Space key is to proceed through speech. (Try it with the SNES!)
Click the names to activate the code that remembers your name for future reference.

Images from Spriters-resource.com
Music from My pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Blue.
P.S. The full will even have the standard intro battle between Gengar and Jigglypuff! You can also fight Brock in the full, fight your rival, have a look at your pokemon, and even it's stats will grow as it levels up!

Oldschooler2 productions.

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