A Very Productive Dance Party

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Notes and Credits

Consider this a late Scratch Day project

Sequel to this: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/51573132/

I know what happened to the Scratch Cat in the last one. So before I get asked, here are some theories I have on the subject:

1. He is a cat, nine lives and all that.
2. With cartoon violence, no ever really gets hurt.
3. The Scratch Cat is an omnipotent being, and thus cannot be harmed. (not too sure about this one)

My personal belief is number 2.

If this lags too much, hold the "L" key for a second or two to stop the lights and dance floor from changing colors.

All made by me with Scratch. Background is bitmap, everything else is vector. Even the song is mine. The characters, however, all belong to Scratch.

And yes the Scratch Cat still looks like a fox and I don't care. :P

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