Scratch Town v1.3b

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★ Place the 'next' item in a space on the board to form a group of three or more of the same type. These items are then replaced by an upgraded item.
★ You have a choice of two items to place (click 'next' or space to swap). Keep the powerful items in reserver!
★ To see the HIGH SCORES and SAVE progress, click 'Points'.
Here is the progression of items:
★ Grass ► Bush ► Tree ► Hut ► House ► Mansion
★ Mansion ► Castle ► Floating Castle ► Triple Castle!
★ Bear ► Tombstone ► Church ► Cathedral ► Chest
★ Crystal ► Rock ► Mountain ► Large Chest
★ Mountain + Bot ► Chest ► Large Chest

★ Crystals will auto match with any other two items of the same type and create a 3, but if there is no match or upgrade path then it becomes a rock.

★ Imperial Bots can be placed on any item to remove it from the board, but eating a bear will leave behind a tombstone, and eating a mountain leaves behind a large chest.

Notes and Credits

I loved this game 'Triple Town' on my phone, and I wanted to bring its simple and yet very clever dynamics to Scratch.

Graphics and gameplay are all copyright Spryfox:

If you like this game then please support the Spryfox games by visiting their site and downloading the original game :)

4 Jun 2015 - v1.3b - Bug fix when clicking save before 2 minutes up causes level to revert to previous version, but without updating screen. BAD!

1 Jun 2015 - v1.3 - Added triple castles (3 floating castles to make these). Also added match animations when choosing your move.

28 May 2015 - v1.2 (b) - Clicking on chests now converts them to Points (removing them from the board). b) Faster screen updates.

28 May 2015 - v1.1 - Prevented generation of levels with groups of 3 touching items. Fixed removal of saved game on game over.

27 May 2015 - v1.0b - Updated the scoring to be incremental (you now keep the score from each phase of building - larger scores here we come!)

27 May 2015 - v1.0 - Added save progress when clicking the points/save icon. Multiple attempts are made to try to make this more robust. Save games will only last for a day or two depending on the number of people who play the game as there is only so much space I allocate for these save games.

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