Super Wars(Glitches Fixed+Boss added)

remixed by satulation
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-------------Unit Types:-----------
-Giga Swordsman
-Cost 100
-Health: 50
-Damage: 1-2 per frame
-Strong against: Archers, Cannons
-Weak against: Bombers, Jousters
-Nano Archer
-Cost: 125
-Health: 30
-Damage: 10-15 per arrow hit
-Strong against: All (from a distance)
-Weak against: Swordsmen, Jousters
-Scratch Jouster
-Cost: 200
-Health: 75
-Damage: 1-3 per frame
-Strong against: Swordsmen, Archers, Cannons
-Weak against: Bombers
-Pico Bomber
-Cost: 300
-Health: 150
-Damage: 20-30 per bomb, 10-15 per laser
-Strong against: Swordsmen, Jousters, Cannons
-Weak against: Archers
-Note: They can damage their own with the bombs
-Tera Cannon
-Cost: 500
-Health: 400
-Damage: 30-50
-Strong against: Base, Archers, Jousters (from a distance)
-Weak against: Jousters, Swordsmen, Bombers
-Note: Firing rate is slow, but very damaging
-Ghoul Boss
-Damage:30 per lasers
-Strong against:All
-Weak against:None
-Note:You cannot purchase a boss
-Spikeball Boss
-Strong against:N/A
-Weak against:N/A
-Note:It can self heal
-Damage:1per touch,then it dies!
-Strong against:None
-Weak against:All
-Note:It can only make itches

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Notes and Credits (added by satulation)

Thanks for @ProdigyZeta7 for ideas and scripts!

Cheats hint:
1.Who's @scratchU8's fav charactor?
3.endless x 3 =?
4.How to kill peoples in 1 sec on Minecraft?
5.I cannot give you a hint of this code,but it will make you rank S no matter how many pts you have.

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