▲Gravity Falls Character Quiz▲

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▲Click the triangle that most applies to you.

▲You can get either:
~ Dipper Pines
~ Mabel Pines
~ Grunkle Stan (Stanley Pines)
~ Wendy Corduroy
~ Soos Ramirez
~ Pacifica Northwest
~ Bill Cipher

▲I would add more characters (because there are a lot of characters...this quiz could have 30 characters XD) but that would take a long time. \:

Notes and Credits

▲My first character quiz. (: Based on Gravity Falls!

~ Gravity Falls by Alex Hirsch
~ inspiration on cover by limey404/limeyart (on Tumblr)
~ photos from Google Images
~ Music: Gravity Falls extended theme and lyric versions
~ information from my memory (I didn't research XD)

▲If you don't know what Gravity Falls is:
Gravity Falls is an animated TV series on Disney XD. Dipper and Mabel (twin brother and sister) are spending the summer with their great uncle (Grunkle) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper discovers a journal about the town's mysteries...the twins go on many adventures and face the paranormal, supernatural secrets of Gravity Falls.

▲The series ended in February...*cries* it was an amazing series, probably one of the best cartoons ever. You need to watch it.

This might not be 100% accurate because I got all this information from my brain...sooo...yeah...XD


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