Windows Classic OS

by BF10
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Review rating (no longer happening):
@Tymewalk: 8.5/10 (Hilarious ways to crash the computer and nice features)
@arman516: 7.5/10 (Great game, it's like a real computer!)
@starvia: 8.9/10 (Good way to eat up time)
@McCoder123: 10/10 (It's design is realistic)
@hipow56: 9/10 (It's a realistic computer that you can order food)
@MinecraftWin98: 11/10 (I love the BSOD and it functions like Windows 98)
@leaf999: 10/10 (Very funny!)
@popitypoppy: 10/10 (I like the realistic animations on starting up and how you have executed the project very well, through adding the sounds and adding the BSoD, making the application icons look realistic which I haven't seen on an OS project so far. )
@Giggybytes: 9/10 (I like the sounds and and the BSOD)
@bumpjammy: 10/10 (Good graphics and funny BSOD's)
@The_Kitty_Eevee: 100/10 (The viruses are funny and free food)
@JackmoMario1983: 8/10 (putting in letters on RAM changer makes it crash)
@Zekrom01: 10/10 (This is really funny! I like the features, especially the humorous BSoD)
@_TheRina_: 9/10 (Awesome, just like the real thing, but could use more viruses)
@Arisandra: 9.5/10 (It's an AWESOME remake of the Windows OS)
@maratyafasov: 10/10 (It's an Remake of Windows 2000)
@djow1116: 8/10 (l love the did you know, the welcome, viruses, media player, BSODs, and the RAM)
@Chazpelo2: 9/10 (The OS is COOL)
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Welcome to Windows Classic OS. An old but somehow very popular OS, made with complete cheese of old me.

Start the installation here:

Note: If you don't know what BSOD means, it means Blue Screen of Death.

Feel free to remix, this project is now free to use without having to credit me.

"The OS that does the impossible (cheesily)!"

There is a rare shutdown BSOD.

Urgent Note before you play: Only play if you have a good computer. Don't run this on your 2001 Windows XP computer.

Important Note: Do not play on Turbo Mode, it will break a lot of stuff.

Notes and Credits

This project is now free to use without crediting me.

Over 10000 views!
Over 500 love its and favorites!
Over 750 comments!
Over 150 remixes!
Over 100 studios!

...and counting (hey, its still better than Windows ME)!

Version History (discontinued):
2.0.0 (1/15/18): Nothing changed except the product info (Instructions and Notes and Credits). Absolute last update, if you want to see more projects visit @bf10.

1.9.0 (11/23/15): Added upcoming thanksgiving software and maintenance mode screen. If you are unable to load Classic OS due to maintenance and this is a mistake, please tell me, otherwise turn it off by changing the maintenance variable to 0.

Last Update in 2015.
1.8.0 (11/21/15): Added the winning program in the contest here! Congrats to FakeOS for winning this contest! Also removed newsletter.
1.7.3 (9/19/15): Reboot option in shutdown.
1.7.2 (9/17/15): Realistic BSoDs (only Internet Explorer)
1.7.1 (9/9/15): New platformer script (broken, reverted to old)
1.7.0 (9/5/15): Video Camera option, new folders in Classic Computer (task manager is being added), Background changer (all but Video Camera is under construction).
1.6.1 (9/4/15): Run box (under construction)
1.6 (8/20/15): Newsletter. For info, please read below.
1.5.1 (8/19/15): Bug fixes.
1.5 (8/4/15): RAM Changer. Now change your RAM (but don't make it crash!, quite buggy (now patched))
1.4.2 (7/30/15): Added Leaderboards for Stick Platformer. Try to complete it as fast as possible! (quite buggy (also patched))
1.4.1 (6/6/15): New sounds.
1.4 (6/4/15): Media Player added! More videos to be added.
1.3.3 (6/4/15): Changed linintel boot sound.
1.3.2 (5/30/15): About message and bug fixes.
1.3.1 (5/29/15): Internet Explorer additions, including a new virus.
1.3 (5/28/15): Platformer added! It still has a start menu bug, so don't click the start menu when playing.
1.2 (5/22/15): Internet Explorer added! Google view pages will later be added. BONUS: Music.
1.1 (5/20/15): Command Prompt added!
1.0.1 (5/20/15): Fixed logo screen appearing when in play.
1.0 (5/19/15): Initial Relase

Microsoft own the windows series and sounds.
Intel for linintel and theme.
Homestar Runner for some sounds.
@josedanielsteller for error sound.
@lol90 for Stickman (he retired anyways).
Icon Maker and Google Images for Icons.
Atom Smasher for (error) messages in Windows.
@FakeOS for the idea, the Windows XP flag, viruses for viruses.exe, and FREEDOM.exe.
Windows RG for itself and the Order Food option.
Crazy Windows Error series for the virus music.
My Chromebook for making this possible at the fastest way possible!

Don't forget to love it, favorite, remix, and follow for more project epicness!

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