☁Cloud Engine [v.1.2.9]☁

by Tropic
See inside

Click See Inside to use this engine :D

Good to know if you're going to use this:
- Please give credit to me, @Tropic and the other people shown in the credits section below :)
- All instructions are in the stage :)
- TPCE = Tropic's Cloud Engine.
- » = This block runs without screen refresh.
- P1, P2, etc. = Part 1, Part 2, etc.
- The block "» add symbols (P2)" can be removed to make the engine faster, but this will decrease the amount of symbols you can use.
- Local variables are often lower-case and/or start with a lower-case letter.
- Global variables & local/global lists often start with an upper-case letter.

Notes and Credits

NOTE: Don't use this for chat rooms that aren't safe. Using a list of allowed words is recommended, but not included in this project.

- Can exceed the variable length limit! :D
- Contains 80 symbols so far! :D
- Easy to use, instructions inside! :D
- Can compress variables to save memory :)
- Encodes & Decodes pretty quickly :)
- Speed can be doubled by removing some extra symbols :)

- Thanks to @TheLogFather ( @DadOfMrLog) for instructions on how to exceed the variable length limit! :D

- Compressing of variables added! :D (shortening variables)
*Shortens variable length by up to almost 50% :)
- Ability to uncompress/unzip variables added :) [v.1.2.5]
*This makes it possible to decode compressed variables :)
- Fixed bug where compressed values were unzipped slightly incorrectly :) [v.1.2.8]
- Removed debug scripts [v.1.2.8]
- Quicker restart [v.1.2.8]
- Sadly had to reset cloud variable because of problems occurring after the update :( [v.1.2.8]
- Fixed bug where 0's where counted as \ instead of just 0 :) [v.1.2.9]
- Quicker decoding :D [v.1.2.9]

- Can now handle endless amount of symbols if added to the list! :D
*More symbols will decrease the speed though.

- Released :D

Upcoming Features:
- Upper-case & lower-case detection :D
- Editing, adding & removing certain parts of a (cloud) variable :)
- Using your own specified variables :)

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