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Blah. EOYs ):

Working on a project now! and it's taking a while because i've been so busy :( oh well it will be up when i'm done.

(this is very long! :D haha)

Hello! Yes this is my first project in months.

vPhone... you're probably wondering why I called it that. It's because I started this new 'thing' where I put 'v's in front of words and it's supposed to stand for... virtual. Haha.

Unnecesary comments by me: (:D)

1. You notice how messages always appear (some times)? Sorry if you find that annoying :D

2. Hope it's fun? I wasn't sure if it was fun but anyway it's your point of view, whether you like it or not :D

3. Sorry for making so little websites! I might make another version of this project which contains more websites...

4. Sorry that it's so slow!! I piled up lots of sprites and scripts in there :D Hope it was worth it. (actually it's faster than i expected it to be)


Here you can find the icons. Click on the icons to go to various places and open up programmes (you can see where the icon leads to at the bottom of the screen whenever you hover over it).

Icons: Ringtone, Wallpaper
Select your ringtone. Hover over one to test and click to select. Once you see the flashing words "Ringtone Changed" then... well, the ringtone changed.
Select a wallpaper from here. Simply click to apply.

This isn't too complicated, is it?
I put quite a lot of words on the front WebAccess page but you should read them to understand.
Click the star icon to open up the address bar. When you want to leave a website and go to another one, do not press x. This will cause the whole WebAccess to be cancelled. Nothing so bad about that, just have to open it up again if you want to use it. Instead, click the star icon and enter the address of the website you want to go to in the address bar.

www.main.com - main page (the first one you see when you open up WebAccess)

www.websites.com - see the list of available websites (these are actually not the only ones but I added a few more for fun... and there's one you can discover later)

scratch.mit.edu/www.scratch.mit.edu- both addresses work. this just opens up the scratch homepage - not that you can do much there! Just see to find out. (cannot play any projects, sorry to lazy to make any :D hehe)

www.vphone.com - Made this just for fun. You can see some stuff there but not much.

www.animation.com - When you go to this page, you will see a box that tells you that you do not have WAflash (haha it's WebAccess, in case you didn't catch that). I made this part so that it would be more interesting.... I hope it didn't make it more boring :D Clicking on this box will lead you to www.waflash.com which is actually a website you can go to directly from typing it into the address bar. But, anyway, just follow the steps to download, then you can play the animation once you go to www.animation.com. And yes, in the animation it's me talking. But I added effects to made my voice sound like that :D


Sorry for such a lame version of paint :D I know, it's all laggy and slow and the paint doesn't come out well... Sorry :D Colours: Click the different colours to choose. And use the eraser by clicking the button 'click here for eraser'. 'Clear All' to clear all.
(I don't know why but some times clicking on the colours doesn't work. It works after you click it a few times)

Sorry there are no games! I planned to make games but then.... well, i didn't. The only reason i'm putting this project up so fast when I didn't do much stuff (like make the games and add more websites and make the paint better) is because I want to start on a new project already :D But I will come back to this one and work on it!

Enjoy, as always. And God bless!

- Angelical

P.s. hey i just realised it works faster online..... weird :D

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