420+ Followers! (3 dank 5 me!)

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Notes and Credits

Finally, what you've all been waiting for, ladies, gentlemen, and 360 swagscoping dank memers: it's the 420 followers project!
At the time of making I actually had 463 followers, because this project was quite delayed :P If you're not on here, you'll be on the next one.
Hit play and enjoy :P IK it's not as good as the 360 one but it's something. I was pretty rushed so I threw this together as fast as possible. Once the animation is finished, click on a follower or use the arrow buttons to navigate.
Follower checklist:
0 ☑
42 ☑
128 ☑
256 ☑
360 ☑
420 ☑
1337 ???
???? ???
Credit to:
@VoltageGames for dank memes (if you hit stop at the right time you might see the dank meme included :P )
Adapted my visualizer from OpenSprites for this
Demo: http://opensprites.gwiddle.co.uk/users/MegaApuTurkUltra/20418438e06777e80b2af6ed78c46e71/ (hit play and wait a bit)
OpenSprites: http://opensprites.gwiddle.co.uk/
Track: W&W - Rave After Rave (Bosiyaw remix)
MLG remix by me :P
W&W: https://soundcloud.com/wandw
Bosiyaw: https://soundcloud.com/bos-yaw
Scratch pen transparency for making this awesome :P

And of course, ALL of my followers for your continued support. Thanks!
============== GENERATING FOLLOWERS ============
I've finally made my program stable enough to release, find it here:

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