Fuzzbeez ARE NOT Puffles

by zlivvy
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Notes and Credits

All art and programming credit to me except for the puffle picture.
I agree they do look SIMILAR but besides the fact that they LOOK alike they are COMPLETELY different
If you still say they are puffles you MAY have an angry mob of Fuzzbeez after you...
Also, I don't HATE puffles. I like Fuzzbeez better, yeah. But I do still think puffles are cute! I just got annoyed when nobody could see the OBVIOUS differences.

Below is a conversation I had with a scratcher that pretty much sums up how I feel about fuzzbeez and how I created them...

Scratcher:I admit, I thought they were complete rip-offs of puffles. I mean, the drawing style and vector elements all match up, and so does the color scheme. It definitely looks like you may have taken inspiration from puffles, but I don't know. Cool.

Me: I don't think puffles are vector and that is just the color scheme I use for everything. The only thing I see that looks like puffles are the eyes. But those aren't like "puffle eyes" lots of cartoonists use them like Garfield and lots of games like Cut The Rope. And everything has already been done before so if you can make something that stands out at ALL I would say you have succeeded. And I think I have succeeded. Yes I did get a little inspiration from puffles but those were also created by not just a GROUP of people,no,a GROUP of ADULTS who get PAYED to design stuff like this. I'm a 12 year old girl who was able to make something that stands out among a billion little things like that. I did take some inspiration from puffles but I took inspiration from a TON of things. I hope you can see my point. Thanks! Caio!

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